Seven Benefits of Consistent Blogging For Your Business

Blogs are great marketing aids to increase traffic and close sales for your company. They have many other benefits apart from that. Read on to learn some of them.

By Ryan Niddel

Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating powerful and shareable content. It allows you to stand out in the digital world and improves your online presence on the web.

You must already know how essential it is for businesses to be easily findable and searchable on the internet. A single visitor to your site has the potential to become a paying customer if he’ll like what he sees and reads in your webpages.

However, you should also know that many companies and entities compete for your potential customers’ attention online, and this fact makes content marketing a crucial set of tools to have in your arsenal. Blogging is included in that set of tools, and it has multiple types that serve different purposes.

Tutorials, infographics, and checklists are some types of blogs that are commonly shared on social media pages. Creating great content gives you a chance to go viral, have your blog read by millions of people, and ultimately, get those people exposed to your business and potentially convert them into customers.

Help Drive Organic Website Traffic

Consistently writing blog posts is vital in driving website traffic. A search engine indexes an additional page every time you add a blog post to your site. The more blog posts you have, the more chances your site may appear on search engines results pages (SERPs).

Improve SEO Rankings

Well-written blogs improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings apart from adding indexes on your sites.
Note SEO is a set of techniques that can make your site more visible to search engines and raise its chance to be selected to appear when a person searches anything related to your business. SEO rankings, on the other hand, is some sort of rating that search engines, like Google, use to determine if a site is “worthy” of appearing in a search.

This is a simplified version of how SEO ranking works: Google values its clients’ opinions, and it has a system that ranks sites based on how valuable their content is for the visitors. If clients stay in your sites for a long time because you provide them with answers to their questions, it improves your SEO ranking.

When other sites create backlinks to your site to use you as a source for specific topics, Google understands that you provide relevant content and gives you additional SEO points.

Establish Authority

Well-written business blogs answer clients’ questions about specific topics. you establish authority for some keywords and topics if you keep providing your target market with valuable information. Being perceived as an expert is great for brand awareness and trust.

Having detailed articles on select topics also allows your staff to share such information with potential clients.

Enhance Relationship With Clients

Continuously providing your clients with relevant information deepens your relationship with them. It gives them an idea of what your business is all about if your client keeps going back to your website or social media sites because of the great content.

Consumers enjoy being informed and being kept in the loop. Blogs are a great way to provide your clients with such services. Responding to questions and comments on your blog posts is also a great way to communicate directly with your clients.

Increase Mailing List Count

We can use your blogs to collect emails and increase your mailing list count. you can add those who sign up to your sales funnel, and you can later send them more communication from your brand.
The more touch points you have with your potential clients, the higher the chances of converting them into customers.

Keep you Ahead Of The Competition

Studies show that 55% of customers are likely to purchase a site with an active and valuable blog. The top blogs keep ahead of the competition by creating 2–5 blogs per week.

Wrapping Up

Blogs are cost-effective ways to increase traffic and improve revenues. If you can’t create a lot of content, meet with a management consultant or a business consultant to help you. They can recommend whether it’ll be best to hire an employee or an outsourced agency to write useful blogs.

Be sure to include blogs in your marketing efforts so they can help you achieve your targets.

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