Meet Ryan Niddel – The “Business Optimizer” You Need in Your Company

a voracious learner, rapid implementor and growth-oriented

Currently I operate as the Chief Executive Officer of MIT45 Inc., serve on the board of multiple companies and equity holder in a rapidly growing list of growth minding companies. Throughout my career, I have become known as Ohio’s top business growth specialist, helping companies to rapidly increase their revenue while simultaneously enhancing their profitability. It should serve as no surprise that these two factors, in addition to many others, has went on to increase their multiple of earnings as they progress to a change of control event, closing transactions for life-changing amounts of capital.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember, starting with a lawn-mowing business in my neighborhood when I was just 10 years old. At age 14, I had the opportunity to be mentored by a successful local businessman, which changed my life and taught me important business and life success principles.

Ryan Niddel is the Chief Executive Officer of MIT45 Inc.

He also sits on the board of directors of four companies, is co-chair of a strategic roll-up merger in the service-based sector, General Partner of a private equity group and CEO of two 8-figure companies. Ryan has built a reputation as Ohio’s top business growth specialist and as someone able to rapidly improve a company’s revenue and profitability, increase the company’s multiple of earnings to a capital gains event and help close a transaction for life-changing amounts of capital.

To say that Ryan is a life-long entrepreneur is no exaggeration. He started at age 10 in Mansfield, Ohio, with a neighborhood-based lawn-mowing business. This led to an important mentoring opportunity under a successful local businessman at just age 14. Ryan credits this relationship with altering the course of his life and understanding important business and life success principles.

The CEO of two 8-figure companies

and sits on the board of directors for several other companies. He has built a reputation as Ohio’s top business growth specialist, and as someone able to rapidly improve the profitability of a company in order to achieve a higher valuation and sell for significantly more revenue.

Ryan Niddel contributes to multiple charities including Big Brother Big Sister, Operation Underground Railroad, The Buckeye Ranch, and other causes he cares about. He is in the process of launching a foundation focused on the education of the youth of today to help with the practical application of business, entrepreneurism, and capitalism.


With over 700 business success stories under his belt, Ryan epitomizes a proven business leader, innovator, and “business optimizer” in the fields of marketing, operations, sales, and service.

He demonstrates true breakthrough thinking and execution throughout large and small organizations, and focuses on leveraging brilliance, while effectively mitigating all downside risks. His ability to uncover hidden opportunities and patterns allowed him to identify over 149 business growth impact points few businesses use to their advantage.

Ryan’s forte is to create an entirely new thought container, rather than thinking “outside the box”, enabling him to identify, and successfully implement growth-minded solutions to complex problems generating high-performance results.


He established beneficial relationships with key strategic partners, and developed efficient business operation strategies for many companies. Following Ryan’s counsel, these organizations witnessed their valuations consistently increase while effective company labor hours simultaneously decreased.

Even in the midst of adverse environments, Ryan remained instrumental in optimizing performance with mastery of direct inflection interviewing. He turned the act of in-depth investigation of a business’s operations and systems into a newfound art form.


Ryan has dedicated his life’s work to increasing sales, advancing careers, and multiplying bottom lines exponentially. He believes in ethical business practices and advocates for anyone wishing to expand personal production, build a new business, advance their career, or increase their net worth.

Ryan consistently contributes large volumes of impactful content freely to business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startups worldwide.

This website provides an unimaginable collection of purposeful podcasts, value-added videos, and business-building blog posts.