3 Things You Need To Know About SEO

3 Things You Need To Know About SEO As management consulting professionals, we highly recommend businesses to observe good search engine optimization (SEO) practices. We do it to help them improve their online presence and capture the potential stream of revenue they can obtain from the internet. But why SEO? Let’s discuss three things about […]

Seven Benefits Of Consistent Blogging For Your Business

Seven Benefits of Consistent Blogging For Your Business Blogs are great marketing aids to increase traffic and close sales for your company. They have many other benefits apart from that. Read on to learn some of them. By Ryan Niddel Content Marketing Tools Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating powerful and […]

Brick And Mortar Vs. Online Presence

Brick and Mortar vs. Online Presence This question tends to come with some clients: should we open (or expand) our brick-and-mortar store or focus online?The usual advice is: play to your strengths. Let’s go through both store styles’ pros and cons and see which one would work best for us. By Ryan Niddel Physical Location […]

Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Crucial For Your Business

5 Reasons Why Mobile-Friendly Sites Are Crucial For Businesses As a management consulting firm, and sometimes get asked about the value of mobile-optimized websites. Let’s discuss the factors to consider in creating such a site, checking for mobile-friendliness, and the five reasons why your websites should cater to mobile users. By Ryan Niddel Here are […]

The Importance Of Defining And Targeting Prospects

The Story Behind PopIt Companies that aim to offer one-size-fits-all products or services are bound to fail. People have different tastes and conflicting views, and it’s just not possible to cater to everybody’s needs. By Ryan Niddel Defining Prospects Prospects are potential customers based on a company’s set criteria, and defining who they are is […]

The Importance Of Sales Funnels In Business

The Importance Of Sales Funnels In Business As business owners, we find ourselves having grand plans for our brands. We perfect our products, build our teams, and set targets. We sometimes forget about one crucial part of our business: sales funnels. By Ryan Niddel Consulting experts will attest to the value of sales funnels. Let’s […]

Five Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Business

Five Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Business The coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) has created global health and economic crises. Management consulting and business consulting firms can confirm that the second quarter’s economic growth fell by over 31%, and unemployment nearly hit 15%. We haven’t seen these numbers since the Great Depression and WWII, respectively. By Ryan […]

What 2020 Has Taught Us

Management Consultants’ Perspective: What 2020 Has Taught Us This year taught us several lessons for us management consultants and business owners. Everyone’s safety became at risk devastating the economy. All these lessons and experiences helped us learn that things are changing. Let’s discuss the most significant things that will help us carry on after 2020. […]

Five Simple Ways To Acquire New Customers Using Digital Technology

Five Simple Ways To Acquire New Customers Using Digital Technology Most business consulting or management consulting sessions include customer acquisition strategies. And it’s easy to understand why. By Ryan Niddel Customers play a crucial part in any business—they generate revenues! Let’s discuss how to compute the customer acquisition cost (CAC) and five simple ways to […]

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